Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's adventures took us to Piedmont Park or, for Max, to Disney World. Max is overcome with excitement at the very thought of Piedmont Park. The sights, sounds, and smells of nature at peak volume make him giddy. He's in full maximum dog mode whenever we visit. We don't frequent the doggie park as much these days; too many undisciplined dogs. So we explore the magnificent beauty of Piedmont.

This is the park we were nearly banned from once because Max tried to pluck the ducks out of the lake. Really. He just went crazy. His natural hunting instincts took hold when he saw all the ducks swimming around in the water. He was circling the lake, going right up to the ledge, making these strange anguished sounds. It was all I could do to restrain him from jumping in. This is one time when the leash came in handy. That, and the fact that Max isn't too fond of water. Anyway, now he's made peace with the ducks. He likes to go over to see them from time to time. And since he's no longer a threat to their welfare we are welcome to visit the park.

Over on the green, there was a luncheon event going on under a tent. The staff said it was a "Green Day" event. Laughter filled the air as the attendees listenened to an amusing conversation between local anchor Monica Kaufman and media mogul Ted Turner. Something about bathrooms???? I found it funny to see the hat-wearing Midtown mavens mixing it up with the bums and vagrants who claim the park as home. Fortunately no mishaps ensued at the intersection of chic and shabby.

You'll never guess what Max found today. Okay, by now you know. Just like manna from heaven, Max rolled up on a ball. We played catch until he realized he could be sniffing something. He walked away from the ball and followed his nose to nirvana.

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