Friday, April 2, 2010

Now that the weather has broken, I've been kicking the tires on these old vehicles we inhabit. I figure between me and Max, we've logged thousands of miles together, possibly tens of thousands of miles, over the years on our feet. Counting his four legs and my two, we've pounded a lot of pavement. We both love to walk. It's what our bond is built on.

I've walked for exercise for most of my adult life. Wherever I've lived, I've found a scenic, safe, walkable path that helped me to work off frustrations as well as pounds. Most of the time I walked alone. Having Max turned an old, familiar routine into a daily ritual, with newfound purpose. Walking centers us, makes us more focused and grounded. We form a rhythm that just propels us forward. We just walk all of our cares away! Sometimes we find ourselves miles away from home with more walking as the only way back. Max never falters; he is a tried and true companion. I think it keeps us both young.

Seasonal allergies notwithstanding, there's no better time of year for walking than Spring. Temperatures are ideal, not too hot or cold. I marvel at being caught in these delightful downpours of "dogwood showers" on our jaunts. It's when the blooms from colorful dogwood trees rain down in a wistful sprinkle. In fact, all the air is humming with signs of life, a virtual vibrational shift in the universe, signaling a new beginning. So palpably heavy is it, that you can feel its gritty weight!

Meandering through Midtown, Max is enthralled with everything growing. He sees it, sniffs it, even sticks out his tongue to taste it. Then, he gives it the old heave-ho lift and tinkle. While in a park the other day, he couldn't refrain from stalking the goose's nest, who hissed at him as she laid her daily eggs.

I, on the other hand, marveled at the sheer force of life. It's as if all of nature has awakened from a long, dark nap to celebrate Spring's arrival. Blooms starting to sprout from barren tree limbs, birds and crickets cackling loudly, brightly colored flowers dressing up the landscape, turtles doing sun salutations on makeshift lilly pads in the pond. Each day is a revelation. And we've got many miles to go before we sleep.

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