Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter's stark landscape has an eerily beautiful quality, like the haunting cries of crows. Trees stand naked against blistering winds, without a leaf to warm them. All of nature's hidden secrets are revealed. Despite the season's harsh temperatures this year, the sun shines brightly most days. It's amazing how a little sun goes a long way to warm a desolate soul.

My Daily Word offered a reminder this week of the sun's omni-presence. Whether it's in plain view or shrouded by clouds, the sun is always there. Just as God's love shines brightly through every storm in our lives. The sun even shines on Haiti, where unspeakable devastation struck this week. I pray the light of a caring world rallying to the rescue will help ease the pain of such horrendous loss.

Walking with Max this week has been a treacherous affair. Glassy sheets of ice covered streets and sidewalks. Freedom Parkway, our usual walking trail, was a skating rink of slippery shadows. The ponds at our usual neighborhood parks were frozen solid. Today, as temperatures warmed into the 50's, a thin sheet of ice still covered the water, the ducks and turtles tip-toeing their way across. The glow of a radiant sun cast the wintry scene in a bright and cheery light.

Max doesn't care about the weather. Hot, cold, wet, dry... he takes it as it comes. Max makes the most of each day. He dives into his walks with the same gusto as the day before, the same enthusiasm as the first time. Always stopping to sample the smell du jour nature is dishing up, Max reminds me that the sun is always shining, and that we must find ways to feed our souls everyday... because tomorrow is promised to no one.

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